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Fertilizer spreaders VIGNE

Fertilizer spreader for localized spreading. Capacity: 500-750 l. Spreading width: 1,5-5 m. Basic model weight: 168 kg.

[Product Details...]

Fertilizer spreaders XDA

Fertilizer spreader. Capacity: 500-750 l. Spreading width up to 18 m. Basic model weight: 167 kg.

[Product Details...]

Fertilizer spreaders XPS

Fertilizer spreader. Capacity: 800-1500 l. Spreading width up to 24 m. Basic model weight: 192 kg.

[Product Details...]

Fertilizer spreaders XDI

Fertilizer spreaders. Capacity: 1500-3000 l. Spreading width up to 36 m. Weight: 335 kg.

[Product Details...]

Spandiconcime FERTI-S

Spandiconcime con spaglio proporzionale alla velocità. Capacità: 1500-3200 l. Larghezza di spaglio fino a 36 m. Peso modello base: 400 kg.
[Product Details...]

Fertilizer spreaders KYLO

Fertilizer spreaders with WEIGHING SYSTEM. Capacity: 1500-3000 l. Spreading width up to 36 m. Weight: 430 kg

[Product Details...]

Trailer for fertilizer spreader

Trailer for fertilizer spreader. CX15 for model XPS. CX30 for models XDI-KYLO.

[Product Details...]

Fertilizer spreaders MAXI

Trailed fertilizer spreaders. Capacity: 3,5-5,0 m³. Spreading width up to 24 m. Weight: 1540 kg

[Product Details...]

Fertilizer spreaders MAXI-T

Trailed  fertilizer spreaders for late fertilizing. Capacity: 3,5-5,0 m³. Spreading width up to 28 meters. Weight: 1500 kg

[Product Details...]

Fertilizer spreaders MAGNUM PRO

Fertilizer spreaders. Capacity: 8,5 m³. Spreading width up to 36 m. Weight: 3220 kg

[Product Details...]

Lime spreaders MAGNUM

Lime spreaders. Capacity 8.5 m³. Spreading width up to 16 m. Weight: 3200 kg.

[Product Details...]

Lime spreaders KALKO-D

Trailed lime spreaders with discs. Capacity: 9,8-13,5 m³. Spreading width: up to 16 m for dry lime.

[Product Details...]

Lime spreaders KALKO-DC

Trailed lime spreaders with discs and augers. Capacity: 9,8-13,5 m³. Spreading width: up to 16 m for dry lime, up to 12 m for wet lime. Basic model weight: 5750 kg

[Product Details...]

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